Procurement & Contractual Consulting

Element Industries

Procurement & Contractual Consulting

Procurement, Category Management, Supply Chain, and Supply Management Consulting

A good procurement strategy is often destroyed by a lack of understanding of the business itself. Not only is it crucial to understand Business Unit, Stakeholder, Executive goals and needs, understanding HOW their business operates (and the technology it employs) is essential. Understanding how the business functions is often overlooked, and this is where Element sets itself apart in Procurement, Category Management, Supply Chain, and Supply Management Consulting. We have in depth knowledge of the Energy business, Operations, and the ever-evolving technology involved.  Applying the understanding of Engineering, Operations, and technology to a Procurement process and strategy is key. 

Contractual Consulting

There are several different types and styles of Contracts executed in Business, and Element has worked with some of the best in the world. We have seen a one-page contract grow to 60 pages, full of clauses and an ever-evolving list of Terms and Conditions. Element helps its clients decipher these contracts and manage their risk and liabilities that comes with it.